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At Conscious Touch, your session begins when the massage begins, you are given a full session of 60 or 90 minutes! Conscious Touch will never deduct time from your massage session length for "Check In & Initial Consultation, Undress, Redress, Post Consultation, Etc.," 

House Special 

The House Special is the most popular choice using the most appropriate techniques for that particular session. Before each session we talk about needs and work from there. It might be that you need quieter, gentler work on one visit and the next time more stretching with deeper work in a particular area of the body. The House Special is a blend of Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi and Deep Tissue Massage. It is a collection of techniques that can work deeply without being painful to relax and release contracted muscles. The applied pressure ranges from soft to firm to deep. This massage uses slow, firm gliding strokes, stretching, tapotament, compression and kneading.  Only one part of the body is undraped and worked at a time. Each session is tailored to your needs.

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60 Minute Swedish Massage $75

90 Minute Swedish Massage $95

12 Consecutive Months, one 60 Minute Session per Month $720

12 Consecutive Months, one 90 Minute Session per Month $960


 Hawaiian Temple Style Lomi 

Lomi is a form of massage from Hawaii, it is expansive and less compartmentalized than Swedish.  

Lomi requires more preparation and must be requested when making your appointment. 

 Lomi Session 90 Minutes $135


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